Frequently Asked Questions

When  I share a rota link to my workers, when my workers click the link it says “rota does not exist” or the rota does not display on their device.

If you share a link to the dot.edit version of your rota and then make changes to the rota,  the rota will no longer exist in the original link and a new link will have to be sent. 
For instance, if you create a rota called “rota”, this version will always exist and a link shared will always open. When you edit it, a version called “rota.edit” is created. This is a dynamic version that’s overwritten when you edit “rota” or edit “rota.edit”. Each time a new link will need to be sent since the rota.edit has been changed. This ensures your workers are not using an outdated version of rota.edit. To avoid this from happening you can “save as” the rota.edit which creates a new copy of the rota that won’t be affected by edits. You can then share a link to this new copy and this link will always exist. When you edit this new copy it creates another dot.edit version which again is the dynamic version.

I can’t create account or sign in. It says “Enter a valid E-mail address”

Make sure there is no space at the end of your email. Frequently, in Android devices a space is added to the end of your email when auto-fill is used. Use Backspace button to remove this space or rather than use auto-fill, type in your email address in full.

I need to roster several workers per shift, How come I can only schedule 3 workers per shift ?

For instance, If you have staff of 99 workers and 9 work per day or per shift. Create 3 groups of 33 workers. For each group of 33 workers, in a few minutes the app will create an automatic rolling rota of up to 3 workers per shift or per day for an indefinite period and give each worker equal number of shifts. The app will count the weekdays and weekends each worker has worked and you can make quick edits to give workers more or less shifts. You can send a link for each groups rota to your workers and it will open on their device or you can export the rota to spreadsheets and combine each groups rota. 

The App is slow or crashing.

When creating a very large rota, For instance rostering 100 workers for a year, the App will need time to process this request. Please wait and avoid tapping any more buttons until the processing is complete.

When I export my rota to spreadsheets like Excel, nothing is received. 

Due to column limits in spreadsheet apps, weekly rota of less than 6 months will be exported but weekly rotas over 6 months cannot be generated. Monthly rotas of up to a year and even more will easily export to your preferred spreadsheet.

I am not receiving reminders for my shift.

There is a limit to the number of reminders your devices can program at a time. As a result reminders can only be set for 1 rota at a time for . If your rota spans several months, when the limit for reminders is reached no further reminders will be sent. Turning on reminders for a new rota will switch off reminders for the previous rota.