Frequently Asked Questions

How does link sharing, “full edit” and “quick edit” work ?

Assume you create a roster called “rota”.  If you share a link to “rota” your coworkers/family/friends will receive “rota.share”. If you “full edit” “rota” your link will always open the most recent “rota.share”. If you “quick edit” “rota” a new roster called “rota.edit” is created. When you share a link to “rota.edit” your coworkers receive “rota.edit.share”. If you “full edit” “rota.edit” the latest version of “rota.edit” will still open from the link. However, if you quick edit “rota” again, then a new “rota.edit” is created that replaces the previous “rota.edit”. The good news is that your original link to “rota.edit” will still work for this new “rota.edit”.

The App is slow or crashing.

When creating a very large roster, For instance rostering 100 workers for 3 years, the App will need time to process this request. Please wait and avoid tapping any more buttons until the processing is complete. If you have very many rosters in your profile, archive or delete some so your home screen loads quicker.

The rolling rota pattern is inaccurate and my workers shifts are not equally distributed

Ensure that no identical worker names exist. If you have 2 or more workers with the same name in the rota, you must modify the names. If not, the rolling pattern will be inaccurate and the conflicting names can crash the App

When I export my rota to spreadsheets like Excel, nothing is received. 

Ensure you have signed in with a valid email address and check your spam folder.

How do I stop receiving reminders for my shift.

Open the roster where reminders are set up. Tap reminders and switch off the worker/shift reminder. If this does not work then uninstall and reinstall the app.