Simple Rota Maker

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automatic shift scheduling. create and share rosters easy.

The simplest tool to save your shifts or create & share a rota for rostering workers into hourly or daily shifts.

Simply enter 
• The number of workers
• Worker away dates: **the App WILL NOT schedule workers to work on those dates** Done !

*Generates beautiful monthly Calendar for 24 hr or once a day shift.
*Generates beautiful weekly calendar for shifts of 1-23 hrs.
*Workers get equal number of shifts.

*Export rota to spreadsheet apps like Excel, Google sheets, or Apple Numbers. 

*See Rota breakdown>how many weekdays, weekends & hours each worker is rostered to work and more worker statistics
*Easily edit the rota to give workers more or less shifts or adjust must work and away dates.

*Take more control & create your Rota manually with 2 easy taps.
*Enter your personal shift pattern quick and easy. Customise your shifts.
*Make an automatic rolling TimeTable.
*Roster multiple workers per shift.
*Set Worker must work dates: ** the App WILL schedule workers to work on those dates**

*Share links to your Rota. You can collaborate with coworkers in making your rota by sharing links. Each time a link is opened a duplicate .share version of your rota is created which can be edited & shared again back and forth.

*Access rota from any device . The rosters are saved to your profile.
*Set work dates reminders and get a notification when a work shift is coming up.
*Export rota to your calendar app.
*Save & Print Rota image.

*Save and rename multiple copies of the rota.
*Use iPad split screen feature to view your calendar while creating your rota to make the process even simpler ! Supports portrait and landscape mode.

*Get daily motivational quotes in your profile. *Relax and play loads of fun Games.

Great for small teams that need to self-manage

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Download android

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